Dramatically increase your employee engagement

A company’s culture can be measured by the level of employee engagement. Most companies believe their employees could be more engaged than they currently are, but traditional tactics for increasing team performance do not offer lasting results. Rotize offers a solution that addresses these issues by connecting employees on a coincidental basis.

Most companies fall short with their employee engagement

The companies that have the best results have engaged employees. But achieving high engagement is only half the battle. The real challenge is keeping it that way.

There are several reasons for low employee engagement:

  1. Ineffective leadership
  2. Poor communication
  3. Lack of accountability
  4. Lack of recognition/reward
  5. High staff turnover
  6. Poor working conditions


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All of these factors have serious implications for employee engagement. The resulting decrease in productivity is directly attributable to these. Some are more easily remedied than others by implementation of performance review and recognition and reward programs, or small improvements to workplace conditions. But the fact remains, employees who aren’t engaged don’t care about goals, either their own or those of the organization. There is no team spirit. And when team spirit leaves the group, nothing remains but people that all work for the same employer.

Companies of all sizes face these challenges at some point. There are natural ebbs and flows in the life cycle of any organization. It makes good business sense to address such issues before they become a disruptive force and begin to impact the bottom line. Having the processes or tools in place to counter the effects of poor employee engagement is not just a good idea. It may be the difference between success or failure of the entire organization.

Lack of engagement may impact employees at all levels, from hourly employees, supervisors, managers and all the way up to the executive suite. Leadership bears the responsibility for stimulating and motivating employees and the best way to deal with it is through effective and consistent communication. Bringing employees together for the sole purpose of communication, whether that be strategic, operational or even social, is the key to aligning performance and goal achievement across the organization.

Rotize – an employee engagement tool that gets people together

Rotize helps to build new working relationships and maintain existing ones by bringing random pairs of employees together for a business lunch meeting. Each employee is enrolled in Rotize and select their daily availability from a customized dashboard. The software then schedules random business lunch meetings that are enjoyable and relaxed. This informal gathering facilitates the sharing of opinions and ideas on any topic, not just work-related matters. Employees from different departments get to meet each other. People from different levels of the organization have the chance to meet.

Engagement rises across the board because new avenues of communication are opened. Employees have shortcuts to circumvent the hierarchy when in need of input, opinions or collaboration. This cannot help but lead to an increase in productivity felt on all levels of the organization. Rotize is the ideal engagement resource, enabling organizations to get the most out of their team performance.