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Why should I use rotize?

Rotize is an online software-as-a-service tool – a lunch lottery – that reduces silo thinking, increases internal communication and builds company internal networks. It generally increases team performance and employee engagement. Compared with traditional team building activities e.g. team dinners, rotize is very cost-efficient and highly effective.

Who is using rotize?

We have seen a wide range of users and applications. rotize is often used by consultancies, telecommunication, technology, customer service and financial service companies. Also universities and research-driven companies and many more use rotize.

What are typical rotize use-cases?

Our typical subscribers use rotize for

Nevertheless, there are many other applications for rotize. Find your own one.

How exactly are you overcoming silo mentalities and increase team performance?

We have written some more detailed articles on this. Please find our information on silo mentality here and our thoughts in team performance here.

Is rotize also available in other languages?

We currently offer English only. Nevertheless, we are happy to discuss custom developments for larger clients.


Set-up rotize

What do I need to do for the rotize setup?

All you need are the names and email addresses of your team. For corporate teams you also need a valid credit card.

Register on rotize.com via the registration widget on the right side of the screen. Follow the steps on your screen. Your team members will receive an onboarding mail once you have finished the registration process.

Once you and your team members have specified their availability, invitations will be send out automatically every 24h by default (can be changed by the team admin in the dashboard). If there is no available partner for a particular day, you do not receive an invitation and need to wait until we can find a partner on another day for you.

Can I set-up multiple teams?

Yes, of cause. As a first time users, register at rotize.com. If you are already a rotize user, please log in and go to your “Personal Settings” page. There you find a button to register a new team.


Using rotize

Where can I find tutorials and documentation for rotize?

Using rotize is very easy. Simply register your lunch lottery team and specify your availability. Finding lunch partners and sending out invitations are on our end. If you still need help, just drop a message to support@rotize.com.

Why am I not receive any emails?

We are sending welcome emails, new password emails, invitation and other emails to users. If you are missing these, please check your junk mail folder.

How often do I get invites for lunches?

You will receive invites every 24h before the lunch (default). Please note that you just receive emails when you and a counterpart is available.The invitation cycle can be changed by the team admin in the teams dashboard.

I do not get invitations?

Please check your availability in your dashboard. If you are available and you still get no invitations, we have maybe not found an available lunch partner for you. If you are sure that other persons were available and others got an invite with you being the partner, please check your junk mail folder.

How can I accept lunch lottery invitations?

Invitations are automatically accepted until you decline the invitation.

How can I decline invitations?

Please use the “decline” button in the invitation email. A notification will be send out to your lunch partner immediately

I do not have an email/ calendar program?

We recommend to use Google Gmail with Google Calendar. It also works well with Outlook and Lotus Notes and many other applications.

I want to meet at a different restaurant/ meeting point. What to do?

Just contact your lunch partner via mail and offer a new location. You can look up the email address of your partner either in your invitation or in your dashboard.

What happens if people are on different locations?

You can set-up an own group for every location.

I am not available on short notice. What do I need to do?

Cancel the meeting via the “decline” button. To make sure your partner notices your cancellation, please also write a mail separately and/ or try a call. You can look up the mail address of your partner either in your invitation or in your dashboard.

Do you have a rotize app?

We currently do not have a rotize app but you can open rotize on every device. rotize is mobile-ready for iPhone, iPad and all Android systems.


Payment, Invoicing and Termination

Can I use rotize for free?

You can use rotize for free in private context. For all organizations and corporates please have a look at our plans.

What does rotize costs?

We have created a very competitive pricing model for all corporate. Please go to rotize.com to see all Plans & Pricings.

Which payment methods do you support?

We accept all major credit cards. For EU-customers with more than 500 users we provide custom billing.

Do I get a proper receipt?

Yes, you do. Receipts are distributed via email once a payment is done.

When can I terminate my subscription/ service?

You can terminate all plans on a monthly basis. Just login and de-activate the team.


Security & Data policy

What happens with my data?

We do not sell any of your data to third party providers. Your data is securely stored. For further information please see our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Statement.

Is rotize secure?

Rotize runs on redundant infrastructure and applies the highest standards of internet security to all its servers.


Bugs & custom requests

Where can I report any bugs?

Great that you have found a bug! Please report it to support@rotize.com. We will take care of it as soon as possible.

I am missing a feature. Where can I request the development?

We do custom development of features for rotize to develop rotize for your needs. Nevertheless each requests make rotize a little bit more complex for other users. Therefore we decide case by case if the request makes sense for all users and does not add to much complexity to the rotize idea.


About us

Who is behind rotize?

rotize has been founded in 2013 by a team of former consultants with experience at McKinsey, BearingPoint, Capco and Kienbaum Management Consultants and is 100% owned privately.

Why did you start rotize?

Based on our observations at many companies, we have identified wrong or missing internal communication as the one important factor which prevents companies from higher performance, more integrated work and innovativeness. rotize handles these issues and institutionalizes the corporate internal networking.