Eliminate change barriers with Rotize – a change communication tool

Companies face constant change and this creates challenges. In the process of managing and implementing change, managers need to ensure their communication is effective. They also need to be receptive to feedback from their employees. Rotize is an effective change management tool that will help strengthen the internal communication necessary for facilitating organizational change.

How employee feedback plays a critical role in change management

All companies face change at one point or another. Because it affects every single employee, the experience of each individual has an impact. Employees are an important factor in embracing and performing change and adapting to the new business environment. So an effective change management initiative must begin with clear communication of the change to the workforce.

One of the challenges of change management is facilitation of a constant flow of employee feedback. When feedback stops or does not come in consistently, managers can easily lose track of their employees’ reactions to the changes. Clear and concise communication is a major point of failure for many companies attempting to implement change. They simply do not place enough focus on this factor early on, and then they quickly start to see the plan fall apart.


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If there is no change tool in place, no structured communication process takes place, the environment is not friendly, team building stops and employees do not express their opinions. When employees are not comfortable, they tend to isolate themselves and restrict the sharing of their ideas. Poor communication leads to employee attrition, low levels of engagement and low productivity. A well-managed change program needs to be developed and put into place to resolve these challenges proactively, before they develop.

Since more than half of companies fail due to the challenges associated with change management, a well thought out plan is crucial for success.

Change communication – from clarity to engagement

Companies need the feedback of their employees during a change process or they tend to get lost. It can be helpful to identify staff members who have the most influence in the workplace and gain their acceptance of the changes first. These people lead others by example and can help to ensure that communication takes place in a clear and consistent manner. Feedback is the best indicator of how well the intended message is being received, so gathering as much feedback as possible is the key.

Once communication is happening, it becomes interactive when employees from different departments start to talk and share their ideas and embrace team building. The more employees that mingle with each other, the greater the amount and the diversity of the feedback. Utilizing a change tool for this communication is critical, especially for companies with large numbers of employees.

Rotize is a change management tool to facilitate change communication and employee feedback

Rotize is tackling the obstacles associated with change-related communication challenges. Our change software automatically invites your employees to lunches and even manages the scheduling. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere created during lunch is a great environment to share feedback on critical change processes. This leads to growth in the level of the employee engagement and team building will start to take place naturally, without any prompting from company leadership.

Change management is a challenging, but necessary consideration in the life cycle of an organization. In order to successfully accomplish the intended outcomes, a company must demonstrate acceptance from the top levels of management down to the front line leaders. The influencers must be utilized properly and engagement of the employees is crucial. Rotize is the ideal change management tool to continuously gather feedback regarding the changes within an organization.