Lunches at work can have a lot of benefits. Institutionalize it with rotize. Start your own lunch lottery now!

Increase Team Spirit and Performance

Flatten Hierarchies

Easily meet new colleagues throughout the company and learn from more senior executives what the next steps in your career are

Improve Internal Communication

Sharing Information

Connect with people on a personal level and reduce silo-thinking whilst sharing your expertise and being up to date on events occurring in the organization

Change Communication Tool

Furthering Innovation

Increase the success of your project by receiving inspiring new approaches and ideas through constant feedback from your co-workers.

rotize is designed for easy use. Automatically build connections with new colleagues or maintain existing ones.

Rotize Dashboard
Set-up Your Team

1. Set-up your team

Register your team and set-up administration and individual preferences within seconds.

Get Automatically Invites

4. Automatically get invitations

rotize randomly matches your teams and sends invites 24h before lunches – integrates well in calendar apps like Outlook, Lotus Notes or Gmail

Add Team Members

2. Add team members

Invite other members to your team. Everybody will receive a welcome mail and will be part of the rotize community

Go to Lunch

5. Go to lunch

Build connections with new colleagues or maintain existing ones. Have a nice lunch and enjoy sharing ideas, opinions and expertise.

Customize your Availability

3. Customize your availability

Users can specify their availability in their personal dashboards. Employees will only be matched with people with the same preferences

View Statistics

6. View statistics

Team administrators can access team statistics. Data is treated absolutely anonymous and we do not create statics per person.

Use the rotize lunch lottery for internal applications or for a better connection with your client.

Increase your Divisional Performance

Increase your divisional performance

Break-up line organizations and hierarchies. Foster a more collaborative approach between and within your divisions.

Build Internal Teams

Build internal teams

Form and stabilize projects teams in your own organization and share ideas on a fluid and friendly basis.

Connect and Integrate with Clients

Connect and integrate with clients

Use rotize for external client projects and connect with client staff and managers for a superior relationship management.


Rotize accelerates performance and facilitates change in a wide range of use cases.

Increase employee engagement

Engaged employees drive business performance. Rotize boosts employee engagement. Learn more

Improve the internal communication

Communication is key in organizations. Rotize helps you in fostering your internal communication. Learn more

Reduce silo mentality

Silo mentality is a major issue in companies and leads to low performance. Reduce it by using rotize. Learn more

Eliminate change barriers

Learn how rotize actively reduces communication barriers in fast pace environments. Learn more

You can test rotize for free with up to five users in corporates. Pricing scales with usage.


  • Private usage only
  • Up to 100 users


  • Corporate usage
  • Up to 5 users
  • FAQ support


4.90 EUR
per user per month
  • Corporate usage
  • Up to 100 users
  • Online support
  • Monthly termination


6.90 EUR
per user per month
  • Corporate usage
  • More than 100 users
  • Custom support
  • Monthly termination

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About us

rotize connects
smart people

Founded in 2013, rotize is a startup located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Based on our previous work as consultants, we figured out that most of the companies suffer from silo-thinking and in-effective team structures. People simply did not know or did not talk to each other. This resulted in a decreased team performance and a bad team spirit.

With rotize we provide an online and mobile-ready tool to overcome these issues easier and cheaper than ever before. Rotize randomly invites people for lunches – a lunch lottery. We are offering our service to corporates as well as to non-profit organizations and for private usage. More information can be found in our Rotize Company Presentation.